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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a little love on a cloudy day: The Whitakers

Most of the time when you wake up to a dreary, cloudy sky on the morning of your photo session it can be a little discouraging. But here is an awesome session I just had with a newly-wed couple, The Whitaker's, that shows just how awesome your pictures can be even on the cloudiest of days! As the photographer, I know that the cloudy days are the ones that can bring out the richest colors and can get results that sunny days cant compare to.

We had a great time snapping pictures all over Brittany and Wesley's property. We ventured across the street to a gorgeous green field with a hint of mountains in the distance, made our way back to their front yard where I fell in love with an old rusty blue lawn bench and discovered a few antiques at their grandmothers old house. Such a fun day!

They seriously are the cutest couple aren't they?


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