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For Photographers

Mentoring Sessions are available online or in person.
Online Sessions are $300 for 2 hours and include going over your business, marketing, shooting and processing and Q&A. Each session is one on one as I do not offer group mentoring. I will also have you email me up to 5 images that you want critiqued, edited etc. before our session. Online I use Skype and pre-made tutorials specified to your individual needs.

In person mentoring is $450 per session individually. At an in person mentoring session you will meet with me to watch and actively participate in shooting a session (of your choice). After the session we will head to the local coffee shop to review the session, I will show you a few post session processing tips and we will talk about your images, business, marketing and processing. This session will last 4 hours.

Contact me for info on group workshops and mentoring pricing.


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