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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Gibson Girls / Statesville NC Family Photographer

This is my second session with Aubrey and Amy and at both sessions Aubrey has kept me laughing with all of her diva posing. She is so adorable! I think I took over 300 pictures during this session because of all the different poses and faces Aubrey kept giving me. Its so sweet to see the bond between Aubrey and her mom Amy. I loved capturing poses that translate just how much love there is between them. I cant wait to see what miss Aubrey comes up with at our next session!



View their slideshow of all of the images from their session.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Mini Session / The Goforth Family

What a gorgeous and photogenic family! I had such a blast photographing the Goforth family and trying my hardest to get the oh so serious little Cameron to laugh at me. Brittany, Parley and I were giving it our all and of course laughing the entire time at how outrageous our antics were to get Cams attention! And of course Parley had a good laugh at my expense while I spent a few minutes trying to turn on the vintage record player (all while he was holding the cord and grinning from ear to ear)!

I love getting opportunities like this one to photograph a family that is so natural in front of a camera. It was almost effortless to catch some beautiful natural family poses. I had a hard time narrowing down these images to show the family and even harder time choosing which to share here on the blog. They were all amazing and Im excited to share them with you!

Here is the link to the slideshow I put together for them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What To Wear Wednesday / NC Photographer

 I am doing something a little different today with What to Wear Wednesday. Im going to show you some of my favorite What to Wears from some recent sessions and explain why they work.

This is a GREAT use of my suggestions for clients when they ask What to Wear. Mom is the heart of the family and she is the most important when choosing outfits for your family session. If mom looks and feels amazing, everyone else will too. I love that they paired Brittanys gorgeous floral print dress with 2 different shades of blue's for the boys shirts. Great job keeping each person unique and individual while pulling it all together by staying the same family of color. 

For Newborn Sessions I like to tell parents to keep it super simple with your color choices. Black and White or neutral tones are always the way to go so we can keep baby the center and the focal point. This image is a gorgeous portrayal of how simple tones can really enhance skin tones and eyes. 

I am so obsessed with Amy and Aubreys outfits in this latest Mom and Daughter session with the Gibson girls. I adore the floral prints for this spring session and how once again they are unique as individuals and yet the navys and blacks pull the outfits together and keep them unified. 

This isnt from a session, its from my sons birthday party last weekend but I love it so much I had to use it to show how matching can be such a cute and fun way to dress up your session. My stepdad bought my son an outfit that mirrors one of his favorite outfits almost exactly and they looked adorable as two peas in a pod with their matching shirts, hats and shorts. What a cute idea for sessions with grandparents, siblings or even dad and son sessions.

I fell in love with Rachels wardrobe from the second she started pulling out bags of clothes from her trunk before our session. Im pretty sure this girl could wear a paper bag and still be absolutely stunning! She took very simple shades of white and pink and added accessories that completely made the outfit and this picture in particular. Accessories are the best way to add that little pop of color and attitude to any outfit.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Something New!

Im trying something a little new for my super special clients so let me know what you think : )

Audrey Marie

Audrey was such an angel at our Sunday afternoon session. At just barely over a week old she was full of personality and I told her parents several times I was surprised at how many different expressions and grins I was able to capture. I can tell this little sweetheart has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger already!
Dad went out and found a gorgeous antique fire department childs car when they found out about their little one. It made for a gorgeous prop and I am so excited that I had the chance to get creative with it!