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Monday, November 24, 2014

easy like sunday mornin'

Erica and I started planning a session for her crew a couple of weeks ago and of course my first thought was, we HAVE to use her gorgeous downtown apartment somehow in these photos! Her second floor apartment has large windows all throughout and the light is stunning! We started brainstorming and when I texted her an idea for an "easy like sunday mornin" theme she fell in love with the idea just like me. We spent the next week furiously texting pictures of props, blankets, snack ideas and poses back and forth. Erica called a few days before our sunday session letting me know the forecast for the day which was cold and rainy. Even though the light wasnt quite as pretty and bright as I would have hoped, I couldnt have asked for an easier rainy sunday session, and the rain on the windows added just the right touch. I have completely fallen for lifestyle. deep. deep. in. love.
and this was just part 1. Cant wait to show you what Erica and Alex have planned for part 2!

Galliher Family

Jill booked a family session with me for a Friday evening and when that Friday rolled around and we both realized it was in the 40s and a wind that made it feel 10 degrees colder we started to doubt how well the family would do in the cold. We FROZE but her kids were amazing!! They honestly didnt complain and we kept warm blankets wrapped around them inbetween shots to keep them from freezing. Jill had a beautiful Elsa costume made for Abbie that Abbie was all to excited to wear for her photos. I love love love this family session!!